Biosynthetic Technologies Base Oils are synthesized specifically for high performance tire applications. Our Biosynthetic Technologies Estolides are available in a low, medium, and high viscosities.  These patented synthetic structures are originally derived from triglycerides found in naturally occurring plant oils, can be used in tire applications improving biodegradability in these applications. In addition, independent research conducted by ARDL, shows when compared to Naphthenic Base Oils,  these Biosynthetic Base Oils deliver equal or improved performance on:

Fuel Economy
Dry Handling
Dry Traction
Fuel Economy
Dry Handling
Winter Traction

All, while Delivering a Sustainable Performance Tire!

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Biosynthetic BT4 Marine

                     Low Viscosity:      22 cSt

                     Biodegradable:    88%

                     Bio-Based:             68% 

                           Data Sheet                     SDS       


Biosynthetic BT22 Marine

                    Medium Viscosity:    150 cSt

                    Biodegradable:          79%

                    Bio-Based:                  86% 

                         Data Sheet                            SDS     


Biosynthetic BT75 Marine

                    High Viscosity:        680 cSt

                    Biodegradable:       76%

                    Bio-Based:                94% 

                         Data Sheet                         SDS