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Sustainability and Carbon Footprint

At Biosynthetic® Technologies, we understand the importance of sustainable manufacturing practices. We are constantly looking for ways to minimize the negative impacts on the environment while conserving energy and natural resources. Our objective is to make sustainability a point of difference for our business, and we are confident that this strategy will generate even greater benefits for the environment in which we operate, the people that we work with and the communities we are part of.

One of the most important aspects of any sustainable and renewable products are the processes by which they are created and being able to certify that they are truly sustainable products. With Biosynthetic Technologies’ life cycle assessments, products are tracked from cradle to gate which yield a carbon-negative rating. Not only does this provide the ability to ensure that the products are sustainable, but allows for the future eligibility of carbon credit distribution to those who use these products.

Our base stocks are derived from oleo chemicals, predominantly free fatty acids from oils sources like High Oleic Soy Oil and Castor Oil.  We have completed a Life Cycle Assessments of our Castor derived Estolides. This LCA found our molecules to be sustainable both from an Environmental standpoint where we looked at CO2, NOx, Sox, TDS, and other key environmental impacts, but also from a social capacity as well.

Biosynthetic Technologies Estolides provide farmers with a pathway out of poverty,  they don’t compete with food crops, and no forest habitat is destroyed or altered for the planting of the crops.  In addition, the region where we manufacture Estolides, is highly optimized geographically, logistically, and uses the full waste streams from Castor Oil production.

Biosynthetic® Technologies is committed to sustainability and clearly focused on the responsible use of natural resources in our daily business. We understand that health, environmental awareness and traceability play just as large a role for consumers as quality and efficacy. Biosynthetic® Technologies is aware of its responsibility in this business and sustainability. As such, our manufacturing facility is operating with a NEGATIVE carbon footprint!

As we all move towards a lower-carbon future, we can help to provide customers across the globe with more and cleaner energy solutions.

For more information, download our Abbreviated LCA