At Biosynthetic® Technologies we hold the appropriate certifications and registrations to certify our products do not only deliver on performance and quality but are also compliant with national and international requirements.

Biosynthetic Technologies Certifications
Biocea Certification
BT products Certification
BioEstolide Certifications

At Biosynthetic® Technologies we’re committed to provide safe, quality products across food, pharmaceutical, personal care, and industrial applications. Our diverse set of certifications demonstrate our excellence across multiple regulatory environments catered to your specific needs. Our Quality Assurance team stays current on the ever-evolving regulations as new legislation is passed and implemented in the industry. Our continuous improvement culture drives us, building upon our solid foundation of quality principles ensuring we meet or exceed customer expectations. Currently, we proudly maintain the following certifications:


Our products are registered with NSF as an HX-1 ingredient for use in H1 lubricants with incidental food contact. H1 fluids are widely used in and around food processing areas as well as in pharmaceutical and other applications. The HX-1 certification allows lubricant manufacturers to formulate environmentally friendly H1 lubricants with high performance characteristics such as excellent oxidative stability and superior hydrolytic stability.


Halal is an Arabic word that means what is permitted in Islam, usually used to refer to dietary instructions but is especially important for personal care applications as well. Halal-certified products have been approved by a certifying body. Certification indicates that there are no prohibited or unlawful ingredients contained within the food. They would have undergone a strict certification system to ensure that they meet these standards. Our products are manufactured in a facility that has been granted a halal certificate. In addition, all our products are halal certified.

Good Manufacturing Practices

Good Manufacturing Practice Regulations, or GMP, is a system that ensures consistency and quality of produced and controlled products. The regulations can be legally enforced and ensure that industry sectors such as packers, manufacturers and producers are actively involved in ensuring the purity, safety and effectiveness of the items they produce. All our manufacturing facilities have systems in place and that it complies with Good Manufacturing Practice Regulations, ensuring both quality and consistency. Certification reduces the risk of contamination during manufacturing and provides consumers with the assurance that the product is safe and effective.


Biosynthetic Technologies does hereby declare and certify that all products produced by this company do not contain additives, preservatives, carriers and/or processing aids derived from a genetically modified organism or irradiated material source or seed. Biosynthetic Technologies’ products are free from both genetically modified DNA and the proteins derived from genetically modified DNA. Biosynthetic Technologies uses GMO-free proprietary varieties of biobased products and all of Biosynthetic Technologies’ products are manufactured exclusively with non-genetically engineered (non-GMO) ingredients and processes.


Kosher is derived from a Hebrew word and means “right and proper.” Some may also define it as “suitable and pure.” It also means fit to eat. In order for a food to be considered kosher, each stage of the food’s production, handling and manufacturing must adhere to strict biblical laws, which dictate the foods a Jewish person can consume and the way they have been prepared. These standards have their origins in Jewish law. Those who consume kosher food have made a pledge to eat foods that have been prepared in a clean environment and to consume pure foods. In summary, if a food or chemical is kosher, it will have been prepared in accordance with Jewish food laws. Our products are kosher certified.


The certified Vegan logo is a registered trademark, similar in nature to the kosher mark, for products that do not contain animal products or byproducts and that have not been tested on animals. Our products are vegan certified.

ISO 16128

ISO 16128 (for personal care applications) describes approaches to calculate natural, natural origin, organic and organic origin indexes that apply to the ingredient categories defined in ISO 16128‑1. This document also offers a framework to determine the natural, natural origin, organic and organic origin content of products based on the ingredient characterization. The Natural Origin Index (NOI) for our BioEstolides are 0.69 (BioEstolide 30), 0.86 (BioEstolide 250), and 0.95 (BioEstolide 1300).

Animal Cruelty Free

Biosynthetic® Technologies pledges to engage in animal cruelty free production and marketing at all its production facilities. We believe that animals should not suffer or die to test cosmetics or cosmetic ingredients. We take every effort to comply with the following criteria:

  • Biosynthetic Technologies does not conduct, commission, or is a party to Animal Testing of any cosmetic ingredient, raw material, formulation of finished cosmetic product.
  • Biosynthetic Technologies does not buy any ingredient, formulation, or product from any supplier or manufacturer that conducted, commissioned, or had been party to Animal Testing.
  • Biosynthetic Technologies selects its suppliers based on their animal-testing policies and requests their policies on a regular basis.

Carbon Footprint and Sustainability

Biosynthetic® Technologies is committed to sustainability and clearly focused on the responsible use of natural resources in our daily business. We understand that health, environmental awareness and traceability play just as large a role for consumers as quality and efficacy. Biosynthetic® Technologies is aware of its responsibility in this business and sustainability. As such, our manufacturing facility is operating with a NEGATIVE carbon footprint!