Shot of a young woman using a machine to conduct a medical test in a laboratory

In addition to industrial products such as lubricants and process oils, Estolides have been demonstrated to have potential applications in the pharmaceutical sector.  In recent years, it has been discovered that free-acid Estolides are produced endogenously in animals and humans.  In fact, optically-active estolides such as (R)9-palmitic acid hydroxystearic acid demonstrate biological activities that have made them targets for research in the treatment of diabetes and certain inflammatory conditions.  In addition to their potential use as an active pharmaceutical ingredient, some Estolides exhibit physical properties that may make them particularly suitable as an additive in certain pharmaceutical formulations.  In particular, Estolide esters are safe, non-toxic, and hydrolytically stable, making them attractive candidates for potential uses such as excipients and active drug delivery vehicles.

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