Personal Care

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BioEstolide™ is an exciting new plant-based emollient with enhanced stability properties, exceptional moisturization characteristics and a light, satiny feel. This unique patented ester is synthesized from a mixture of natural seed oils and delivers optimal efficacy in personal care formulations.

Biosynthetic Technologies strives to make their mark on the world by delivering innovations for a sustainable future.

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BioEstolides™ are natural, sustainable and come with a variety of superior benefits. Not only do they enhance the feel and performance of other cosmetic ingredients, they come with some powerful benefits of their own. BioEstolides™ offer the following benefits in personal care applications:

  • Emollient – BioEstolides™ hydrate, soften and smooth the skin surface without leaving an oily residue on the skin
  • Solvent – BioEstolides™ dissolve ingredients so that they can mix together and function properly and achieve the proper consistency of finished products.
  • Thickening agent – BioEstolides™ function as a thickening agent in personal care formulations to enhance the consistency, viscosity and volume of personal care products.
  • Surfactant – BioEstolides™ allow for ingredients to mix and remain in suspension properly. They function as the emulsifier to stabilize the mixture.
  • Sensory enhancer – BioEstolides™ have the advantage of not leaving a greasy residue on the skin and provides a luxurious sensory experience.
  • Stabile – BioEstolides™ provide excellent oxidative and hydrolytic stability properties provide considerably longer shelf life than other natural or naturally derived oils.
  • Non-Toxic – BioEstolide™ are considered non-toxic and non-comedogenic.

Product Applications:

Baby Care, Bath & Shower, Body Care, Color Cosmetics, Depilatories, Ethnic Hair Care, Food & Pharma, Hair Cleansing, Hair Conditioning, Hair Styling, Hair Treatment, Household Cleaning, Lubrication, Make-up Remover, OTC, Pharmaceutical, Skin Care, Skin Cleansing, Tanners etc.