Press Releases

“March 20, 2019, Introducing BT75 Biosynthetic Base Oil


“April 9, 2018, Biosynthetic Acquisition


“September 2016, Certifying Biobased Products


“July 6, 2016, U.S. Government Tests Biolubes


“April 27, 2016, DLA Aviation leads bio-based synthetic oil testing for federal vehicles


“April 2016, Advanced Biolubricants and Used Oil Re-refining


“February 1, 2016, USDA Reserves Over $100 Million in Loan Guarantee Funding for Biosynthetic Technologies ”


“November 11, 2014, Yahoo Finance, First Ever Biosynthetic Motor Oil to Receive Highest Industry Performance Certification


“July 23, 2014, Lube Report, Biobased Lubes Lure Evonik


“July 16, 2014, Evonik Industries, Evonik Invests in Biosynthetic Technologies, a Specialist in Biobased Lubricants


“July, 2014, Chemical Engineering–, This Fatty-Acid Conversion Process Results in Synthetic Lubricant Base Oils


“May 21, 2014, Biosynthetic Technologies, Biosynthetic Technologies Receives API SN Certification


“April 23, 2014, Oil Trends, Biosynthetic Technologies Achieves API SN Certification


“Feb 12, 2014, Lube Report, Calif. Pushes for “Biosynthetic” Lubes


“December 18, 2013, USDA, Bio-Based Products Important to the Economy


“October 15, 2013, Fuels and Lubes International: Fuels and Lubes 2013, 3rd Quarter, Cover Story

or online at: Hip Esters, p.22, FLI 2013, 3rd Quarter


“October 15, 2013, Business Wire: High-Performance Biosynthetic Motor Oil Now Possible as Biosynthetic Technologies Nears Commercial Production


“July 30, 2013, Energy Manager Today: An Emerging New Class of Base Oils


“June 19, 2013, Lube Report: Engine Oils Join Feds’ Biolubes List


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