Food Grade Lubricant

Food Grade Lubricant

Food Grade Lubricant Base Oils are a key ingredient to any final food grade lubricant application to increase the EFFICIENCY and PROFITABILITY. This ensures to not only allow them to last longer in harsh environments, but to also keep equipment running in peak condition. Our food grade lubricant base oils are certified for incidental contact with food during processing. Therefore, these biosynthetic oils can be used as The Primary Base Oil, a Component of a Base Oil Co-Blend, Or Even as an Additive. Formulation possibilities include:

Gear Oils, Hydraulic Oils, Greases, Compressor Oils, Cutting Oils

Biosynthetic Technologies strives to make their mark on the world by delivering innovations for a sustainable future.

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Biosynthetic BT4 Marine

                     Low Viscosity:      22 cSt

                     Biodegradable:    88%

                     Bio-Based:             68% 

                           Data Sheet                         
                           INS HX1 Certification


Biosynthetic BT22 Marine

                    Medium Viscosity:    150 cSt

                    Biodegradable:          79%

                    Bio-Based:                  86% 

                         Data Sheet                          
                         INS HX1 Certification


Biosynthetic BT75 Marine

                    High Viscosity:        680 cSt

                    Biodegradable:       76%

                    Bio-Based:                94% 

                         Data Sheet                        
                         INS HX1 Certification

Technical Performance

  • High Oxidative Stability
  • Low Volatility
  • High Viscosity Index
  • Hydrolytic Stability
  • Natural Detergency
  • Longer Lasting
  • Increased Safety
  • Fewer Additives Needed
  • Increased Stability

Environmental Benefits

  • High Biodegradability
  • Low Bioaccumulation
  • Low Toxicity
  • High Bio-Content
  • Rapid Breakdown
  • Low Environmental Risk
  • Reduced Risk to Wildlife
  • Renewable Carbon Based