ABOUT Biosynthetic Base Oil


Biosynthetic Technologies’ primary product line, sold under the name of Biosynthetic Base Oil, is comprised of biobased oils that are synthesized specifically for high performance lubricant applications in the automotive and industrial sectors.  Currently available in a low and a high viscosity, these biosynthetic oils can be blended into a variety of viscosities to meet most lubricant applications.  In addition, because Biosynthetic Base Oils are compatible with common lubricant base oils and additives, they serve as an easy drop-in for most existing formulations available in the market.  Therefore, these biosynthetic oils can be used as the primary base oil of a lubricant formulation, a component of a base oil co-blend, or even as an additive.


The key benefits of these Biosynthetic Base Oils include:

  • High oxidative stability
  • High viscosity index
  • Low volatility
  • Excellent hydrolytic stability
  • Improved engine cleanliness and machine life
  • Miscible with other base oils such as mineral oils, polyalphaolefins, polyalkylene glycols, and polyol esters
  • Biodegradable, nontoxic, and renewable


Typical applications for Biosynthetic Base Oils include:

  • Passenger car motor oil (PCMO)
  • Marine lubricants
  • Small engine oil (2T/4T)
  • Hydraulic fluid
  • Wind Turbine
  • Refrigeration/compressor oil
  • Food-grade lubricant
  • Grease
  • Dielectric (transformer) fluid
  • Metalworking fluid
  • Gear oil
  • Bar and chain oil
  • General purpose lubricant
  • Plastics


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