BioEstolides – Sensory Profile Study

By October 30, 2020 No Comments

At Biosynthetic® Technologies, we are a specialty ingredient company in the Beauty and Personal Care industry, that is dedicated to the health and safety of both our customers and the environment. We strive to delivering innovations for a safe and sustainable future by are socially responsible and meet evolving consumer needs. Our unique products; BioEstolides™, are stable bio-derived oils from a natural non-GMO source with unique performance features. These renewable and biodegradable oils deliver high performance benefits as an emollient
with enhanced stability, exceptional moisturization characteristics and a light, satiny feel. BioEstolide™ are multifunctional and not only enhance the feel and performance of other cosmetic ingredients, but they come with some powerful benefits of their own. This white paper showcases a sensory profile for the BioEstolide product line.