Biosynthetic Technologies’ sustainable base oils are synthesized as elastomers/plasticizers. Our Biosynthetic Technologies Estolides are available in a low, medium, and high viscosities and play a key role in the manufacture of sustainable thermoplastic elastomers. You can rely on the extraordinary quality of our Estolide technology to deliver outstanding performance and peace of mind.

  • Thermal stability for high-temperature processing
  • Low volatility and high flash point
  • Low fogging tendency
  • No toxicity
  • Compliance with EU and U.S. FDA food contact regulations
Biosynthetic Technologies Certifications


                     Low Viscosity:      22 cSt

                     Biodegradable:    88%

                     Bio-Based:             68% 

Data Sheet             SDS


                    Medium Viscosity:    150 cSt

                    Biodegradable:          79%

                    Bio-Based:                  86% 

Data Sheet             SDS


                    High Viscosity:        680 cSt

                    Biodegradable:       76%

                    Bio-Based:                94% 

Data Sheet             SDS