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Biocea™: The Sustainable Additive for High Performance Environmentally Acceptable Metalworking Fluid Formulations
By Jeffrey Mackey, Application & Commercialization Lead, CMFS at Biosynthetic® Technologies, LLC

Biocea additives are used in a variety of Metalworking and metal forming fluid for­mulations for all 4 major classes of metal­working fluids: straight oil, soluble oil, semi­synthetic, and synthetic metalworking fluids. Biocea additives can be used as high per­formance lubricity additives, that meet (and often exceed) the technology requirement needed in modern machining techniques. These novel Biocea additives are considered to be the best biobased choice for multi­purpose or general-purpose applications in neat oils, soluble oils, and semi-synthetic fluids. They have good solubility in all base oils, and are the easiest to emulsify into wa­ter-based chemistries. Click here to read the full article.